Drilling Machine & Drill Bits

A growing number of retailers are using a tree drilling system as a way of creating a Christmas forest display of trees. They are quick and convenient both to set up and also to sell on to the customer.

We offer the complete system of; efficient, reliable drilling machines, display pins for point of sale and domestic tree stands with pins for drilled trees. Home display is very easy and customers will keep coming back year after year for that special tree from you.


High power, high speed 6000rpm unit gives a precise, accurate tapered hole. The foot pedal is operated from the front for ease of use and an emergency cut-out switch is an added safety feature. The guide bar ensures straight drilling. Suitable for trees up to 3m high, with trunk diameter up to 14cm and also includes 2 drill bits.


HSS steel. Specially tapered for drilling trees. These are available in two sizes 145mm long to fit Godwin machines and 115mm long to fit Easyfix machines.

Easyfix Drilling Machine for Christmas Trees
Easyfix High Speed Drill for Christmas Trees

High Speed Drilling Machine

High Speed Drill Bits for Christmas Trees Drilling Machines

High Speed Tapered Drill Bits